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Key Stage 4

The purpose of the WVC Secondary curriculum is to re-engage students with education, to develop a ‘love of learning’, to challenge expectations and to strive for academic success as individuals. In addition, the curriculum encourages students to reflect on what they have done and what they want to achieve. It allows them to make mistakes in a safe and supportive environment, whilst constantly reminding them of what they can achieve. All students are supported to achieve both their academic and personal potential.


At KS4, we have aimed to develop a bespoke and holistic curriculum that allows students the opportunity to re-engage with education and achieve success. The curriculum allows students to develop their confidence and self-esteem. It also enables them to reflect on their behaviour and gives them the space to discover who they are and what they want to be. This in turn gives students the confidence to re-engage with education giving them the best possible life chances.


KS4 students are placed into tutor groups containing approximately 6 students. Every day begins with a registration period where students are encouraged to reflect on the weekly targets that they have set for themselves, offer their ideas and opinions as part of the WVC Student Voice and take part in activities that are designed to get students ‘ready to learn’. The core curriculum consists of Math (Functional Skills/GCSE), English (FS/GCSE), Science (BTEC/GCSE), Creative Arts (Arts Award/BTEC), Media, PSHE and Core PE. In addition, students choose an option from PE, Art, Food and Psychology – Year 10 choose one subject to complete in Year 10 and then one subject to complete in Year 11. Every Thursday, students can either opt to do Work Experience or Vocational Study (Photography, Catering, Construction, Childcare and Motor Vehicle Mechanics). All KS4 students also take part in Enrichment Activities that form an ASDAN qualification.


Early exam entry in Year 10 gives students the opportunity to achieve success by sitting Entry and Level 1 qualifications. A ‘stepped’ approach to examinations allows students to achieve success and gain confidence ensuring that they have every opportunity of achieving their potential.


An important aspect of the KS4 curriculum is that it can be flexible and therefore bespoke for each student if required. Staff continually reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum and as a result are able to develop programmes that aim to continually engage, challenge and inspire students. It is the bespoke nature of the curriculum that is fundamental in ensuring that students continually make progress and have the opportunity of superseding expectations.

The WVC curriculum offer is responsive to the ever-evolving cohort of students allowing them to access education of the highest quality giving them every opportunity of achieving success in a 21st century learning environment.

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